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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Brew Hee Haw a 21+ event?

Yes, the Brew Hee Haw is a 21+ event and will be held in a designated festival area. No one will be admitted to the festival area without proper ID.



Can I bring my kids to the Brew Hee Haw?

You may bring your children to the OC Fair but they will not be allowed in the designated festival area. The event is a 21+ BUT the FAIR is family friendly and attendees of the Brew Hee Haw may come and go as they please during their sessions which should allow a great deal of flexibility for those planning to attend both the Brew Hee Haw and the OC Fair for the day.



Does my Brew Hee Haw ticket include my OC Fair admission?

Yes, your Hee Haw pass includes admission to the OC Fair.



Prior to or after my session is over or begun, can I stay at the FAIR for the remainder of the day?

Absolutely, we encourage all attendees of the Brew Hee Haw to make a day of it and enjoy all the wonderful attractions the OC Fair has to offer.



Can I come and go from the Brew Hee Haw area during my session?
Yes, you may go out into the Fair to enjoy their wonderful food, rides, vendors, restrooms and attractions throughout your Brew Hee Haw session.


Are there any group rates available for the Brew Hee Haw?

Not this time... It's a la carte!



Can you buy tickets at the door vs. buying from ticket master?
Yes, but they will be $10 more and you take the chance on not getting into the session you want



Are pets allowed?

No Pets allowed.  (Unless your pet is a Unicorn... We would love to see that.)



Can I bring my own beer bottles into the Fair and Brew Hee Haw for a bottle share?
No outside alcohol will be permitted.


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